HEALTH: Genetic risk and non-medical
    prevention strategies for over 100 diseases.

    DRUG RESPONSE: Genetic effects on
    over 120 medications.

    SKIN BEAUTY: Identify the right skincare
    ingredients and products.

    FITNESS: Identify the right training and
    nutrition plan for different goals : weight
    loss, muscle building and performance

    WELL-BEING: Identify the right ingredients
    for optimal brain function and stress reduction.
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Revolutionary all-in one DNA testing with over 600 000 genetic markers analysed. It is not a medical DNA test. Our DNA testing services are for scientific, educational and nutritional information only and are not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any disease, disorder or condition.

How it works ?

DNA collection from your saliva !
Easy Painless Proven


Order your GenetiConcept collection kit from our online store.
We accept more than 50 currencies ( USD, EUR, GBP, etc... ) and we ship internationally.


Once received, collect your DNA by following instructions on it.


Send back your sample to us in the packaging provided. Wait 6-8weeks to receive your online results in your GENETICONCEPT account.

Did you know ?
January 21, 2015 : Obama seeks $215million for precision medicine. It will leverage advances in genomics.


Our genes are the whole body's instruction manual. That instructs our cells how to function. They are a major part of who we are and so they naturally influence our skin, health and fitness. By learning more about your unique genetic composition, you may learn some very helpful information to take steps towards living a healthier life.
Be aware that many conditions are also influenced by other factors like environmental factors. It is not a medical DNA test. Our service is for scientific, educational and nutritional information only and is not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any disease, disorder or condition.

Learn how your DNA may affect your health.

Better health starts with a healthy awareness.

  • More than knowledge. Knowing what you can do.
    A DNA testing for health? Learn if you carry some risky genetic variants and how you can make the best lifestyle decisions following our preventive non-medical strategies.
  • We have one health, take care of it.
    Find out how your genome may influence your response to medications and health, so you and your physician can make more informed decisions.

Find out information about how your DNA may affect your response to various drugs & medications.

  • Take a glimpse into your drug response
    Pharmacogenetics is the study of how genetic variants may affect an individual's response to medications. This new field allows us to combine genomics and pharmacology to develop safe and effective drug dosages which are specific to an persons's genetic makeup.
  • Engage in your health care.
    Find out how your DNA may affect your health and response to medications and so you and your physician can make more informed decisions.

The science of healthy skin

  • Identify the most suitable skincare ingredients
    Thousand of different products in the market... As we know, not every skincare product is going to suit everyone. Let GenetiConcept remove the guesswork and target the best skincare product according to your genetic profile.

Find out how to maximize your muscle building, fat loss and performance (cardio and strength)

Up to 60-70% of the variation in the way you respond to training and diet is genetic.

  • Identify the most suitable training plan
    Stop wasting time following generic training plans that are not best suited to you. Your genes can tell us precisely what YOU need to do to get the most out of every training session.
  • Identify the most suitable nutrition plan
    Proper nutrition is crucial for optimal fitness results. One size doesn't fit all. Your DNA provides precious informations on what you should eat and which diet is right for YOU

Be social, happier, more productive and have more energy!

  • Learn how to fix your brain according to your DNA make-up
    Our brain chemistry, more precisely neurotransmitters, affects the entire human being, including: Mood, behavior, social attitude, focus, learning ability, etc... Our genes highly influence our neurotransmitters pathways and allow us to find out how to fix these.

Knowledge is power.

All information you need for an amazing health and wellness

All-in one DNA Test available! Only $149 including all taxes

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About us

GenetiConcept™ is a DNA testing service created by the world-leading personal genetics company : DNA Factory Ltd. Founded in 2014, the mission of our company is to help people understand and benefit from the human genome. After the amazing success of our fitness DNA Testing service (AnabolicGenes™), our company decided to create a research team of 50 doctors in order to bring this revolutionary DNA testing for health in the market with affordable prices.